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As a mentor, how can I cancel/reschedule an upcoming slot/session?

There are different scenarios:

If you want to cancel an upcoming & unbooked 'Plato reserved slot'

Simply decline the calendar event/invite directly in your calendar.

If you want to cancel or reschedule an upcoming session that is scheduled with a mentee

You can either:
Decline the calendar event/invite in your calendar, and we will prompt you to reschedule
Cancel without rescheduling through the webapp:
Reschedule through the webapp.

Cancel without rescheduling through the webapp:

1. Go to Plato - Engineering Leadership Mentorship

2. Click on Schedule

Step 2 screenshot

3. Navigate to the on the call you want to cancel

Step 3 screenshot


Step 4 screenshot

5. Click on Cancel this session

Step 5 screenshot

6. Choose a reason and explain why you are canceling the call

Step 6 screenshot

Reschedule through the webapp by navigating to Schedule and


Step 7 screenshot

8. Click on Reschedule this session

Step 8 screenshot

9. Navigate to the date you want to reschedule the call

Step 9 screenshot

10. Click on Suggest a slot

Step 10 screenshot

11. Choose a time

Step 11 screenshot

12. Click on Add (you can choose multiple times, selecting add after each time selection)

Step 12 screenshot

13. Click on NEXT

Step 13 screenshot

14. Add your reason for rescheduling and a note.

If you and your mentee have agreed to this rescheduled day and time, click to toggle on "Has XX already agreed to this slot?…"
Step 14 screenshot

15. If you haven't agreed to this rescheduled timeslot with your mentee, leave this untoggled and select the reason for rescheduling, write a note, and select Send Suggestions.

Step 15 screenshot

Need more help? You can contact us:
Via Crisp chat on our webpage
Via Slack on the #support channel
Via email to

Updated on: 02/22/2023