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How can I get in touch with my mentor outside of our calls?

Are you running late for a call? Do you want to inform your mentor that you need to reschedule this week's call? Want to share an update with a mentor that can't wait for your next call?

You can contact your mentor by emailing them through the call calendar invite or using our messages feature:

Creation Date: February 22, 2023
Created By: Elizabeth Azeizat
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1. Go to Plato - Engineering Leadership Mentorship

2. Scroll down and click on Messages in the lower left-hand corner

Step 2 screenshot

3. Click on the mentor you want to message.

Step 3 screenshot

4. Type your message and click the arrow to send.

Your mentor will also receive an email with the message 30 minutes after.
Step 4 screenshot

Need more help? You can contact us:
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Updated on: 02/22/2023