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Plato's Renewed Focus on Engineering Leaders

Our mission at Plato is, and will always be, to help our users become the best leaders they can possibly be.

For us, the right conversation, at the right time, with the right mentor, can be the key to unlocking massive untapped potential.

To make sure we execute on our mission, and to provide greater value to our users, we have chosen to narrow our focus on building features for the Engineering Leadership community.
While this means that we will no longer be producing features for our Product Management and TPM users, this narrowed focus will allow us to provide bigger impact for our Engineering Leadership users.

For our Product and TPM users, while we will not be producing new features, we encourage you to continue with your existing mentorship on Plato’s platform. We will not be turning off any of our core services, so you can continue your existing mentorships, and you may still benefit from new features directed for Engineering Leaders instead.

However, we will no longer accept new Product and TPM users. We will merge the distinct Product and TPM communities into a single, larger Plato community.

This was a hard decision, but we are excited by the potential our renewed focus will have on our product. We are getting ready for one of our biggest product updates to date, with features such as:
Double Opt-In: Successful mentorship relationships start with strong connections between mentee and mentor. This feature ensures both parties are committed and ready to grow together.
Time-based Mentorship: We know the nature of mentorship relationships change over time. We want to make sure both parties stay committed to growth by adding structure to our mentorship programs.
Mentorship Call Canvas: Get more out of Plato mentorship calls with collaborative whiteboards and action items displayed on the same screen as your mentorship call video.

Thank you all for your continued engagement with Plato. We’re excited for this next phase of Plato’s development, and hope you continue to grow with us along the way.

Updated on: 03/02/2023