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What does Plato do?

About Plato

Plato is on a mission to elevate the leadership game in engineering teams.

We believe that there is a gap currently in what is offered to people getting into technical leadership.
We also believe that one of the best ways to learn soft skills is through experience sharing and mentorship.

That is why Plato is a 1:1 mentorship platform specifically designed for engineering leaders.

At the heart of Plato is a strong community of more than 800 mentors who dedicate 30min of their time each week to help our mentees with their leadership challenges.

Our role as a platform is to make sure the right mentees are talking to the right mentors about the right things. We also take care of the logistics (scheduling, rescheduling, matchings...) and provide a framework for mentees to achieve their goals.

Our customers

We mostly work with VPs of Engineering who decide to run an external mentorship program to support the growth of their leaders.
We are most effective when there is first layer of management rather well established (team >20-ish).
However, we also support individuals (small startup CTOs, individuals in larger teams...) and can provide mentors for those individuals too.

Whether you are an individual or interested for your team, we'd love to talk!
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Updated on: 03/01/2023