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What is a Circle?

What is a Circle?

Plato’s community has expressed lots of interest in group mentorship — where they learn from a senior leader while also connecting with their peers.
A "Circle” is a group of people who meet on Zoom, typically for 2 meetings, to discuss a leadership topic (it’ll be the same group of people in the meetings).
Depending on the topic choosen, the group is either engineering managers, individual contributors (engineers), or product managers.

What’s are examples of topics addressed in Circles?

Here are example of a Circle page, and some topics done in the past below:
For engineering managers: “How to scale your team without losing velocity” & “Managing up”
For engineers: “Deciding between technical leadership track vs people management”
For product managers: “Building a great relationship with Engineering” or “How to improve your product launches”

Where can I see upcoming Circles and sign up to them?

You can browse upcoming Circles here.

I'm a mentor, how can I lead a Circle?

Please see this article.

Updated on: 02/11/2021

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