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Who are our mentors?

Our mentors are experienced engineering leaders from top tech companies

The heart of Plato is a strong community of more than 800 mentors who dedicate 30min of their time each week to help our mentees with their leadership challenges.

You can find the full list of our active mentors here.

How do we select our mentors?

It’s a 4 step process when vetting mentors.
Relevant Experience - We look for people with relevant experience, who have management experience and have worked in sizeable companies
Motivation for Mentoring - We look for mentors who are interested in giving back and learning, and evaluate their motivation through a survey and a call
Content - We ask our potential mentors to share past experiences with us through stories, to check if they can share insights successfully
Positive Feedback - We regularly check their ratings from mentees to see if they are appreciated

Updated on: 02/22/2023