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Who is Plato for?

Individual Contributors, High Potentials, Tech Leads

Example of challenges:
Do I want to go the manager track or the senior IC track?
What skills do I need to make the transition easier?
How can I influence decisions without authority?
How can build effective communication skills?
How can explain tech concepts to non-tech individuals?
How can I grow in my career without having to go into management?

Engineering and Product Managers

Example of challenges:
How do I conduct better one one’s?
How can I better delegate and leverage others?
How do I get better at giving and receiving feedback?
How can I better engage and motivate the members on my team?
What are ways to help direct reports grow in their career?
How to deal with an underperforming employee?

Engineering Leaders - Directors, VP’s, C-Level

Example of challenges:
Building / formalizing the career ladder in your company
Setting up a good hiring and interview process
How do I align my team’s goals with the company's vision
How can I think about structuring the team as we continue to scale?
How can I work better with other teams?

Updated on: 02/11/2021

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